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Godox AD200 Review

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Are you maybe the last person on the planet that has not yet bought the Godox AD200 flash, this is possibly the most popular flash unit out there.

I use this flash in a studio and outdoor locations.

it’s easy to use the AD200.

The Godox AD200 is three times more powerful than a Speedlight, just about.

There is one thing I don’t like, that is the thermal protection or overheat protection.

Almost all flashes have some kind of overheating protection and limit for shooting at full power for some limited time.

Overheating protection.

The number of flashes that will activate overheating protection in high-speed sync triggering mode on the AD200, the flash unit goes in rest mode for 10 min to cool down.

1/1 Speedlight head 20 times

1/1 Bare bulb 50 times.

1/2 Speedlight head 30 times

1/2 Bare bulb 60 times.


I have bought so many AD200 accessories to help me use this flash both on and off my camera and to protect the flash unit for damage.

There are many accessories for this flash unit, and I have bought some of them.

The first thing I recommend is Godox EC200 Extension Cable and Fomito BS200 Portable Pouch for Godox AD200 Pocket Flash. This will help you protect your flash and help you use the flash on the camera. These are definitely the best accessories that I bought for my AD200.

The next thing I recommend is the Godox AD-S17 Wide Angle Diffuser for Speedlite Godox AD200 AD180 AD360

and the Godox AD S2 Standard Reflector for Godox AD200 these are cheap and very good light diffusers.

Using the Godox AD200 flash to Overpower the sun has not been a problem with this flash, I can easily use the AD200 to overpower the sun.

Shot with Godox AD200 @ 1/4 power Speedlight head.

Here’s the flash duration you can expect at the full-stop increments.

1/128 – 1/13333s
1/64 – 1/10204s
1/32 – 1/7518
1/16 – 1/5128
1/8 – 1/3225
1/4 – 1/1818
1/2 – 1/869
1/1 – 1/220